Use a Rat Trap Like a Pro

If you’ve got mice or rats in your home, it’s time to get them out. The sooner you trap them and get rid of them, the sooner you prevent some serious damage to your house. That’s why a rat trap is so important.

Rats and mice will chew through just about anything in their quest for food. Wires are just one tiny road block to them. To us, however, wires that are cut can be wires that are dangerous or expensive to replace. Think electrical fire or your TV cables.

If you have a rodent problem and need tips on how to use a mouse or rat trap, you’ve come to the right place. This post will offer ways to get the most success out of your rat trap for the best rat control.


Placement of Your Rat Trap

Wherever you see damage or activity, that’s where you want to place your rat trap.

If you find a chewed wire, stick a trap next to it. If you find snack bags in your pantry have gnaw marks on them, stick a rat trap next to them (after you seal snacks safely in air-tight containers).

In theory, the more rat traps you place, the more rats you’ll get rid of. Studies have actually proven more rodents are killed on the first night of having traps out. Maybe these rodents are smart and they tell their rodent friends about some traps they saw. If you have enough traps set, there won’t be any rats left to tell.

Don’t just place your traps evenly, such as at 10-feet intervals. While you think you’re getting optimal coverage, you’re not taking into consideration where the rats or mice really are. It’s better to put all your traps in the exact area where you see the damage (or droppings). This is where they hang out.

All traps need are 1 or 2 inches between them.


Bait Your Rat Trap

It’s been argued bait isn’t that important. Many are under the false assumption “placement is key, but bait isn’t that important to trapping”.

I’m of the school that you do need to pay attention to bait. And while rats and mice eat a lot of different types of food, they seem incapable of resisting peanut butter.

When you set your trap with peanut butter, make sure to apply fresh bait each time. Don’t rely on old, dried out peanut butter to entice the rodents to the trap. While they can still smell it, it isn’t as powerful as when it’s fresh.

For even better results, utilize a variety of baits. The reason why this works is because rats have particular foraging jobs. Some will go after chips, while others will go after meats (like bacon bits).


Image credited to Steve Cranfield.

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