Little Known Moth Facts: From How Clothes Moth Traps Work to Moth Migration

Moths are strange, interesting creatures. There are thought to be 150,000 to 250,000 different species of moths in the world, with around 11,000 different species recorded in the U.S. and Canada alone. With so many different moth species, there are many unique characteristics of this insect. Read on to learn some fun moth facts and […]

Use a Rat Trap Like a Pro

If you’ve got mice or rats in your home, it’s time to get them out. The sooner you trap them and get rid of them, the sooner you prevent some serious damage to your house. That’s why a rat trap is so important. Rats and mice will chew through just about anything in their quest […]

See How Easily You Can Use Mice Repellent

When you think about mice repellent, you may think of complicated sprays or pellets. Turn s out, there are mice control options that are not only easy, but also really effective at keeping mice away. This post is dedicated to an incredibly easy-to-use mouse repellent. In fact, it may just be the easiest one there […]

Does the Deer Repellant Make the Cut?

If you’ve got deer visitors in your yard, chances are you’ve got deer destruction. And you need a good deer repellant. Deer will tear into your garden or landscaping, even ripping away at trees as they stand on their hind legs. Unlike other animal pests, such as rabbits and rodents, deer don’t have upper incisors. […]

Squirrel Proof Feeders and Greased Poles: What Works and What Doesn’t

Most bird lovers hate squirrels. These critters damage feeders, ransack birdseed supplies and scare away birds. In attempt to outsmart the squirrels, people have tried a variety of tactics. Some are successful. Some are not. And some aren’t safe. From squirrel proof feeders to greased poles, this post goes over the most common, tried-and-true tactics […]