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Bring the multi-media experience of Squirrelhaven to your garden club or organization. Current topics are:

  • Back Away From the Pesticides and Nobody Gets Hurt
  • The Beautiful Midwestern Wildlife Garden
  • Beyond Forsythias and ‘Stella D’Oro’
  • Clematis for Real Gardens
  • Gardening Online – videos, blogs and websites for gardeners
  • More Than Mums: flowers and plants for October and November in Zone 5
  • Natives for Smaller Midwestern Gardens
  • Success in Dry Shade

Meet the Staff

Life at The Home and Garden Experts is something the “staff” tries to never take too seriously. The world is full of stuffy business-y types and we sure don’t want to be stuffy.

With that in mind, meet our “staff” – who bear a strong resemblance to Warner Brother’s Pinky and The Brain (minus the drooling idiot part.)

“What are we going to do today, Brain?”

“The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world.”

The Brain

Mary Elizabeth, owner of The Home and Garden Experts, is a reformed corporate management professional, with degrees in business and accounting, collecting dust on the walls of her rural Georgia home. Instead of mind-numbing cubicle living, she spends her days transforming the ideas and stories of herself and others into her favorite medium – the written word. As a freelance writer, Mary writes for a living to support her hobbies; writing, reading, hobby farming…and sometimes feeding and watering her teenage children. You can read more about Mary and how The Home and Garden Experts came to be here.


Mary Elizabeth, Managing Editor, is a reformed chickenshit, rockin’ a freelance writing career while juggling five boys and continuing her postsecondary education. Her work has appeared in Magazine, as well as her weekly posts here at The Home and Garden Experts. Currently enrolled in Ashford University’s online bachelor’s degree program, Mary makes smokin’ the Dean’s List look easy as she works towards not one, but two degrees – in Psychology and Communication Studies.

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