The Beginners’ Guide to Landscaping

Beginners Landscaping

Everyone wants a beautiful yard which is the envy of the neighborhood, but many people have a black thumb. Not to worry folks, in this entry I plan to give you the basics on getting ready to landscape your lawns mostly on your own. Many beginning landscapers want to just go out and plant, but like any work of art, landscaping takes planning.

1. Create a plan

Before you start putting plants in the ground, you need to consider what you want to put where. Plants are each unique in their beauty and their needs. Some love lots of sun while others prefer shade; some need lots of water and some prefer it to be dry. Before planting, note the amount of sun and water saturation for the places where you want to plant. With this information, you can choose which plants will thrive where and avoid the common beginner’s mistake of putting plants where they will suffer.

2. Map the layout

Once you have decided what goes where, draw a scale model on graph paper and trace another on plain paper. The graph paper map is the official model, while the plain paper map is to use to doodle around with plant ideals and color schemes. This gives you a chance to create your own unique design and layout to give your yard the personal touch. Be creative and enjoy!

3. Equipment and Helpers

While it is important for beginning landscapers to have the basic gardening tools like a hoe, spade, and shovel, it is not necessary to spend money with the big, expensive tools you seldom use. For those machines, you can rent them then return them to save on expenses. Buying everything will run the final bill high, maybe too high to allow you to spend all that is needed for the plants themselves.

You may have designed the garden by yourself, but you may not be able to do it all yourself. Big features like fountains and streams take professionals, so consider doing everything your can yourself, but be willing to hire professional landscapers for the difficult things. In the end, the money will be well spent.

Now that you’ve done the prep work, planting can begin. By taking the time to plan and prepare, you are ready to create a yard filled with beauty and personality. Have fun planting, you’ve earned it!

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