The Perfect BBQ

For all those people who are constantly looking to throw a party, here’s the tip of the year! You don’t need an excuse to throw a party, just do it! Maybe it’s the “End of Spring” party, or the “Kids Are Done With School” party. Anyway, when you’re ready to have a blast, follow these […]

Spring Cleaning Tips

Is there anything that announces “spring has sprung” more than the scent of chemical-filled, highly abrasive household cleaners? Well, perhaps crocus popping up through the ground or the sight of robins hopping on your lawn. Or forsythia blooming. Or that first heavenly whiff of fresh warm air. Okay, so springtime doesn’t exactly spell Windex, bleach […]

How-To Adirondack Chair

With summer fast approaching, you’re probably freaking out because you don’t have any chairs for your big 4th of July party! Well if you start now, you can create some Adirondack Chairs using this simple, quick design. From Lowe’s Weekend Projects, here is a clip of the how-to: If you are interested in some Step-by-Step […]

Empowering Yourself after a Divorce

A divorce can leave you feeling adrift in a sea of uncertainty and change. The marriage you assumed was permanent has ended. You may feel angry, scared, liberated or a confusing mixture of emotions. That’s perfectly normal; your life has undergone a fundamental change, and it takes time to recover from such upheaval. And you’re […]