Fall Vacations

So it’s August, and you never got that chance to use up the PTO that you’ve been saving all year. Well sorry to break it to you, but it’s probably too late to get out of the office to plan that perfect summer vacation, so why not plan the perfect fall vacation instead! Here are some of the best places to take that vacation.


There’s not a specific spot in Vermont that is better than another. The entire state is filled with amazing sights and festivals that can fit into anyone’s schedule and budget. The best time in the fall to visit is early in the season, somewhere between late September through October. Check out the cities of Manchester, Stowe, Woodstock and Montpelier for guided Fall tours and lodges to stay in. Don’t miss the maple production when it’s in its peak!

Upstate New York

Right next to Vermont is Upstate New York. Check out this vacation spot if you’re looking for wine tastings and pumpkin festivals. If you are near, Ithaca, New York features an apple festival that draws everyone into the town. The Adirondacks have also been ranked nationally for great places to go in the Fall.


You didn’t think that all the best spots where in Northeastern part of the country, did you? Travel here for some more wine tastings mixed with a few music festivals. The foliage is also top notch on the western coast!

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster is home to a large Amish population, but that doesn’t stop anyone from having a good time. Apple cider and beautiful rolling mountains of crisp air fill the atmosphere in the southern part of Pennsylvania.

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