Tourist Trap Worth The Risk

I know from personal experience that the best adventures come when you get off the beaten track. That doesn’t mean that every “tourist trap” is a no go. Yes, they may be overcrowded and underwhelming, but some of them definitely are worth it. Here’s a list of a few:

1. Palace of Versailles, France – Sure, it may have been a hunting lodge when it was created, but this got the royal treatment when Louis XIV moved it. With many gardens and fountains, this is a must see. Just ask the other six million who visit every year.

2. Colosseum, Rome – It’s on all of our bucket lists, so why not just check it off. Some parts (like the gladiator tunnels) have been renovated, so now is a great time to go.

3. Grand Canyon, Arizona – As a natural sight to see, this is best seen on foot, hiking through the National Park.

4. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul – Got a few dollars to spend, why not spend them at the Grand Bazaar in Turkey! It spans 61 streets and has more than 3,000 merchants. Good luck!

5. Great Wall, China – Ever wonder how long this wall is? Try nearly 5,500 miles. Nearly nine million people travel here to see the wall each year and you would not regret being one of them.

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