World’s Most Visited Cities

Have you ever dreamed about traveling the world? A lot of people have the same dream in life. That is why Good Morning America put out a segment that analyzed travel data and pulled together a list of the top 20 most visited cities in the world. We are going to look at the top 5 in the article, but feel free to check out GMA for a larger list.

Many of us are sitting at our desks thinking about what the number one city might be. Let’s start from #5 and work our way down!

5. New York City

It’s no surprise this beautiful city has made the top five. Some people even thought it would make #1 with its world renowned theatre and tourist attractions like the Empire State Building and New Years Eve Bash! Sadly, this is the fifth most visited city in the world, but also the most visited city in the United States of America.

In 2012, the Big Apple hosted 11.52 million international visitors! That outstanding number is a lot in addition to the city that already has a population of over 8 million!

4. Singapore

The first of two Asian cities on our list, Singapore hosted 11.75 million international tourists last year. Known for its culture, shopping and entertainment, Singapore is a blend of varying cultures. Many visitors take a ride down the Singapore River to gain the best look of the city and all its wonders.

3. Paris

Parlez-vous François? If not, that’s fine! That hasn’t stopped 13.92 million tourists from visiting the city of love. Aided by some of the most famous museums in the world, Paris has something for everyone, history and cuisine included!

2. London

Britain is the parent to the second European city on the list. London, the host of the 2012 Olympics, drew in many visitors from all over the world with this Olympic hosting. The total international visitors for the year? London saw 15.95 million people comes through its gates! That’s almost double the population of the city!

1. Bangkok

The capitol of Thailand is this years most visited city! This is the first year that an Asian city has come in at the #1 spot. The city posted an 18 percent growth rate in the past two years. The numbers of travelers are aided by the increasing connectivity of this city to the rest of the world.

Are the any cities here that are on your bucket list? Let us know in the comments below!


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